History of wood continued…

Having primed myself for being able to identify some ways in which wood has improved the quality of life for humans I began to look for other, more modern wood related (quality of life) improvements that involved wood.

One thing that crossed my mind was the invention of the aeroplane by the Wright-Brothers and how that has come to be a big part of modern society. From casual travel to airfreight, the aeroplane enables us to cover a lot of ground in times unimaginable for our ancestors, who would have been used to waiting for long periods of time for imported goods such as grains and other material.

I got to researching the first aeroplanes. I found that in December of 1903, the Writght-Brothers took to the skies with their first working aeroplane (Wright Flyer I) that was made entirely from wood, cloth and rope, apart from the engine of course, which was steel.

The form of the Flyer really struck a creative nerve with me when I saw those photographs and plans. I gravitate toward the flyers symmetrical geometry. I see the form in the vertical wooden beams that support the horizontal wings, and the non existent fuselage. The cross-ropes in the plan below act as another form of geometric possibility. 1903 Wright Flyer I

1903 Wright Flyer I
Source: http://www.wright-brothers.org/Information_Desk/Just_the_Facts/Airplanes/Flyer_I.htm

I crudely sketched. The idea is to rearrange the vertical beams of the flyer to form the word improved in capitals.

wright bros plane sketch


I was listening to Django Reindhardt when researching and sketching for this post.


History of wood continued…