a warm up exercise

After my research last night, I spent the remainder of the night mulling over ways I would experiment with wood and themes for the assessment. A few ideas came to mind…

  • (attempt) to build a Wright flyer model model with the vertical support beams rearranged to form the chosen word.
  • stone age campfire or stone age tools arranged to form the chosen word
    • night time stone age camp fire where the word is formed by taking a piece of hot ember and writing the word in the air above the fire while taking a photograph that has had the shutter open long enough to capture the type.

With lot’s of inspiration to play with, I woke up this morning with a fresh set of brains and off I went, out of bed and to the craft store. As soon as I got home I ripped open the pack of sticks like a preschooler threw them down onto the blank piece of paper I had waiting for me on my work space.

More to come…

a warm up exercise