A select history of wood

Wood has well and truly improved the quality of life for humans in a big way ever since the stone age (9600 B.C.) with the creation of tools, hunting apparatus, shelter and the discovery of warmth and cooking with fire.

Stone Age Tools
Source: http://www.donsmaps.com/images32/img_2420_2421netherlandssm.jpg

Fast forward a few thousand years and you find that Ancient Egypt is believed to be the first civilisation to build on their ancestors experience of wood. Egyptians used wood to make varieties of furniture to improve quality of life such as beds, chairs, tables and so on. They also used wood for agriculture and ceremony, sometimes burying the dead in coffins (sarcophagi) made from wood.

“According to some scholars, Egyptians were the first to varnish, or “finish” their woodwork, though no one knows the composition of these “finishes”. Finishing is the art of placing some kind of protective sealant on wood materials in order to preserve them.”

Life is improved when you are comfortable.
Source: http://cdn.history.com/sites/2/2015/03/history-lists-11-things-you-may-not-know-about-ancient-egypt-board-games_IH019941_Corbis-E.jpeg
Egyptian wood saw
Source: https://egyptmanchester.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/woodworking_nebamun1.jpg


A select history of wood